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iPhone Repair Troy

Certified iPhone Repair Troy

Metro Detroit Phone Repair in Troy specializes in repairing mobile devices of all types. We repair iPhones, iPads, Samsung devices, Kindle devices, HTC devices, and many more. Whether you have a cracked screen, water damage, require LCD replacement, need a new battery, broke your charger port, or just require general diagnostic services we can help. Our certified phone repair specialists have experience fixing all of the problems above and many more. With our experts handling your cell phone repair you can be sure you and your device are in good hands. If you are looking for iPhone repair Troy, you’re in the right place.

Fast iPhone Repair Troy

In addition to being extremely knowledgeable in the areas of iPhone and tablet repair, our staff also takes pride in our fast repair times. We take the time that we are able to repair you device in very seriously. Your phone is your connection to the world. The longer it’s out of commission, the more stressed you become. Plus, you have better things to do with your day than sitting around for hours waiting for your iphone to be repaired. With an average repair time of 30 minutes we are pleased to say that if we have the parts needed to repair your device in stock your device can usually be repaired while you wait in our comfortable and convenient VIP lounge. In less than an hour you’ll usually be able to walk out with a freshly repaired phone or tablet. Cell phone and tablet repair doesn’t get much easier than that.

Affordable iPhone Repair Troy

Now that we’ve told you about the quality of our certified phone and tablet repair experts and also gone over our impressive phone repair speeds, you’ll be pleased to learn that our pricing is competitive or bettere than just about all of our competitors. That means you are getting quick, quality phone repair at an affordable rate as well.

Our friendly staff and free Internet will make sure you are comfortable while you wait even if it is just a few minutes. Our services include:

  • Cell Phone Repair
  • Tablet Repair
  • iPhone Repair
  • iPod Repair
  • iPad Repair
  • Android Device Repair
  • Basic Phone Repair
  • & More!

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(5.0 of 5) - 35 Reviews
April 8, 2018
5/ 5stars
Josh at Troy was awesome, personable, and professional. I am extremely happy with the repair and highly recommend their services.
Source: ReviewPush
April 6, 2018
5/ 5stars
I stopped in to get my son's iphone screen replaced and was extremely impressed by the customer service. Josh was very friendly and helpful and had the phone done in 20 minutes all at a great price. I would definitely recommend!
Source: ReviewPush
April 5, 2018
5/ 5stars
I took my IPhone into the sprint repair store for a broken screen. they told me my motherboard was cracked with out even looking in to the problem they said to just have the phone replaced... I found Josh over at the Metro Detroit Phone Repair in Troy,MI and he fixed my phone with out any problems. Not only does it work and look great again. they saved me over a hundred bucks also.. Big shout out to Josh and the team over there.
Source: ReviewPush
April 5, 2018
5/ 5stars
Great service. Josh Repaired my cracked screen on my Iphone 6 in very short order. If I have any future problems I would not hesitate to let Josh handle it.
Source: ReviewPush
March 31, 2018
5/ 5stars
Polite! It really seems like they understand when you are in a unexpected situation I'll always go to them!!
Source: ReviewPush
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